DIGITAL PATTERN MAKING - Using OPTITEX and TG3DS Softwares, 2D and 3D windows, we are offering the most efficient, effective and sustainable way of making patterns.
Your creativity can be endless when working with us, using our digital patterns. We create a pattern in a 2D window and render it on an avatar in a 3D window to show you your project before you even cut the first piece of fabric.
You can keep all your patterns in your database for a lifetime.
We can export all patterns into the DXF, AAMA, ASTM, CADL, PSD formats for your convenience.

PATTERN DIGITIZING - Using our ROLL UP digitizer we can transform your paper patterns into digital files.

PATTERN GRADING - Whether a paper pattern or a digital one, we create a full range of sizes for standard industry sizing or, if you prefer, we can easily work with your own bespoke sizing.

CREATIVE PATTERN MAKING - We offer this service especially to those customers who value the traditional, manual method of creating patterns.
After many years of experience creating garment patterns we know that there are some projects which need more attention, unconventional thinking, and individual approach to the project; like customised dresses or tailored jackets for an individual client.



TOILE MAKING - We offer a real or digital prototype/toile making service. We create toiles to check the pattern, construction, finishings, and silhouette of the sample size.
For real toiling, we are using calico fabric. This can be a full or half toile, and is the beginning of the alteration and amendment process.
For a digital toile, we present a 3D rendering as an MP4 movie in 360 degrees which you can change before we even print the first pattern.

SAMPLE MAKING - After the pattern is confirmed we are ready to make a final sample.
Either we make a real sample using the original fabric, or we can use a 3D window to display a virtual sample which allows you to make quick alterations powered by photorealistic rendering before we even cut the first piece of fabric.



We dedicated this service to those customers who create one-off a kind, unique styles for their bespoke/couture clients and need help with creating a garment pattern, doing a toile fitting, or in making of the garment ready-to-wear.


Our highly knowledgeable professionals --  pattern makers, garment technologists, dressmakers, couturiers, embroidery designers, etc. --

will provide you with the best service.

With our international experience, we can provide service across the world.



We also offer a consultation service to help you build a strong business plan that will help you achieve all your goals.

We will help you learn how to:

    • Use strategies and techniques to achieve success
    • Learn specific marketing and business skills
    • Expand your reach and find new customers
    • Craft a consistent and efficient plan for growing your business
    • Gain clarity about your business vision/big projects
    • Sustain long-term motivation 
    • Use healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations
    • Manage your time wisely
    • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first
    • Stop feeling overwhelmed

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